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About Us

Shri Ramlala Devsthanam Trust, Ayodhya

Shrimadjagadguru Shriswami Dr. Raghavacharyaji is the Peethadishwar of Shridham Ramvarnashram Ayodhya. He is also the Sarvarahkar Mahant of many religious places and Shriramlala Sadan Devasthan trust is the most significant of them. Shriramlala Devasthan Trust is working for the renovation of Shri Ramlala Mandir. This Temple is situated near Shriramjanmbhumi, Ayodhya. Shri Nandani Goshala is also functioning under this trust, and the expansion of the Goshala is one of the projects of this Trust.
The head and the director of this Trust is Shri Jagatguru Ramanucharya Swami Shri Raghavacharyaji, who is respected for his profound knowledge of Vedic Scriptures, Hindu Mimansa and religion. Hon. Swamiji is highly educated and relates the work of the trust to the present scenario and needs of the society. The restoration work of the temple is progressing under his guidance. The trust is also engaged in various social, educational and spiritual activities. Presently Shri Swamiji intends to make the temple a Vedic and spiritual centre and a seat to perform Vedic rituals.
Presently following Organisation is running under his leadership in Ayodhya.
1) Shridhammath, Ramvarnashram Ayodhya.
2) Shri Ramlala Sadan Devasthan Trust Ayodhya.
3) Shri Hanuman Mandir, Ramkot Ayodhya.
4) Shriram Janki Mandir, Khodiya bazar, Dist.- Gonda.

Our Mission

Restoration of Shri Ramlala Sadan according to the structure of the South Indian temples, with Shikhars, Gopurams and Mandapam.
Service and medical help to the needy. Educational facilities to students, proper care of the cows.

Our Values

In Sanatan Dharm and Vedas restoration of the old, ancient temples is considered to be more divine than constructing a new one.
Shri Swamiji believes that the ancient temples are the proven evidences of our culture and by restoring them the devotees bridge the ancient faith to the present time.

Our Vision

Inculcating the Vedic knowledge and Sanatan culture among the young disciples (Batuks) along with the knowledge of Science and Technology.
Making every possible effort for promoting DevVani Sanskrit in Ayodhya and all around the globe.

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