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Donate for each stone / Brick Rs. 250/- each

  • Ramlala Mandir
    Devotees are requested to donate for any of the following structures in the temple premise. It will be right way to utilize the amount for oneself and to leave a pious memory for the next generation.
  • Planning of the new temple:
    (Marked are already booked by the donors.)

    Subject Donation Amount
    1. Rajgopuram ( 55 ft. height ) 31 lakh
    2. Uttar Gopuram (30 ft. height) 21 Lakh
    3. Mahamandapam 20 lakh
    4. Main Shikhar ( 30 ft. height ) 15 lakh
    5. Satsang Bhawan 15 lakh
    6. Main sanctum 10 lakh
    7. Garud Stambha 10 lakh
    8. Kitchen and Store Room 10 lakh
    9. Dining Room 10 lakh
    10. Idols of Shrimurties 5.5lakh
    11. Ardha Mandapam 5.lakh
    12. Staff Quarters 5 lakh
    13. Guest House for the Devotees and VIP Guests 5 lakh
  • Nandini Goshala
    Monthly expenditure of this Goshala is about 100000/-
    Five employees are working in this project. This expenditure is met with the donations given by the devotees of Shri Swamiji.
    Yearly Expenditure of single cow is 21000/- You can donate for cow’s yearly expenditure in multiple.
  • Shri Ramanuj Ved shala
    All kinds of expenditure is borne by the trust. Students are given all the facilities of staying, clothing, food, books and education free of charge. The project of the school is, presently, to construct a new building of the school. The land attached to Shri Bhakta Hanuman Mandir can be a probable site to build the new construction.
    Per Student monthly expenditure Rs 2500/-. You can donate for 4 No’s of students monthly contribution.
    You can be a part of New Ved Shala by constructing Bhakta Hanuman Mandir.
  • Shridhammath – Annakshetra
    The devotees can donate from abroad too. The donor will be given proper receipt, all the details through photos and videos.
    You can be a part of this Annakshetra by paying any contribution.
Donate Now
Presently this temple is almost in ruins. Our plan is to reconstruct this temple and to turn it in a magnificent structure form. The proposed plan is to follow the structure pattern of the South Indian temples, with Gopurs, Shikhar and Mandapams. The intention is to perform all rituals and pooja during religious festival times. The devotees can avail benefit to perform all the rituals, performed in the temples of South, in this temple premise only.

Hindu scriptures support renovation of the old temples. This action is more pious than constructing a new one as one saves the ancient sacred tradition. Again to become a little part of helping unit of renovation takes the person a step further near Lord Vishnu. Thus the devotees, who will support and help this reconstruction and will donate for A STONE, will be graced by the bliss from the Almighty Lord. This is a mega project and screams. It will turn in reality with the contribution of each and every one.