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Shri Jagatguru Swami Raghavacharya Ji

A Great Achievement

Shrimad Jagadguru Shriswami Dr.Raghavacharyaji were honoured with gold medal for achieving 1st rank in Vedant examination conducted by Sampurnanand Sanskrit University, Varanasi.

  • Revered Shrimadjagadguru ShriSwamiji Raghavacharyaji Maharaj is the disciple of Honourable Shrimadjagadguru Shri Swamiji Vasudevacharyaji. Shriswamiji was born in a Sharyuparin Brahman family on the fifth day of Phalgun month, Vikram Year 2033. From his childhood only he had inclination of gaining knowledge of Sanskrit grammar and Veda Shastra. Then he gained expertise knowledge of Vedas and Purvamimansa under the guidance of Shri Vindhyeshwariprasad. Swamiji learnt the appreciation of Shri Bhashyadi Vedant Scriptures by Dr. Shivaprasad Dwivedi. In the divine company of Shri Mahaswami Gopalacharyaji Swamiji perfected the art of Bhagavadradhan and Kalkshep discourses. In the year 2000 Shriswamiji stood first in the Vedant examination, conducted by Sampoornanand University, Banaras. He was honoured with the gold medal too. Then he achieved Ph.D. degree (Vidyavaridhi) under the guidance of Prof. Rajdeva Mishra.
  • In 2010 during Haridwar Kumbha in the presence of Dharmacharyas, Mahants and Peethadhishwars Swamiji was honoured with the title and seat of Shrimadjagatguru . It was the day of 8th April; 2010.It was an honour to the ability, profound knowledge and eternal faith of Shriswamiji in Sanatan religion. Presently Shriswamiji is the Head and Sarvakar Mahant of Shridhammath, (Shri Ramvarnashram, Rajkot, Ayodhya). He is promoting Indian Vedic culture and Sanatan religion in his speeches, pravachans and discourses by bringing ancient knowledge of Ramayan and Mahabharata to the present generation.
  • Presently Shriswamiji is the Head and Sarvakar Mahant of Shridhammath, (Shri Ramvarnashram, Rajkot, Ayodhya). Presently shri Swamiji is the head and sarvokar Maharaj of following organisations:

    1. Shridhammath Ramvarnashram, Ramkot, Ayodhya.
    2. Shriramlala Sadan Mandir, Ayodhya.
    3. Shri Hanuman Mandir, Ramkot, Ayodhya.
    4. Shriram Janaki Mandir, Ramapur Ghat, Kodiya Bazar, Dist. Gonda (U. P.)
  • Other institutions, which are working under the successful guidance of Shri Swamiji:

    1. Shri Ramanuj Vedvidhyalaya - An educational institute, in which young students are learning Vedic and Sanskrit education.
    2. Shri Nandani Goshala - Taking care of the cows.
    3. Annakshetra - Free food facility is available to the needy.
  • Shrivaishnav devotees are fortunate that Shri Swamiji is guiding the renovation and restoration work of Shri Divyadesha Devsthan of Shri Ramlala Sadan, first of its kind in North India. Here divine services and rituals will be performed according to Shrisampradaya.
Our society should become familiar with the rich tradition and culture of Sanatan Dharm. People should have the experience of Vedic tradition and follow the path shown by the Vedas. Thus they can make their lives pure and complete.